Key publications of the Education and Learning Sciences Group

Selected here are representative publications of the work of the chair group: the first and second are indicative for what the group has been doing regarding competence research, the third for the work on leading handbooks, and the fourth and fifth for the highest levels of publications on fundamental research and theory development of the group.

This publication is an example of PhD-research in which a competence framework of science teaching is developed. This framework was used to compare it with the national American framework for science teaching.

This publication is an example of a synthesis study on various projects on the design and implementation of competence-based green vocational education. This publication has been influential in the debate on competence-based education worldwide.

This publication is an example of the synthesis of competence theory. It serves as the foundation of a book which is currently being developed (50 chapters).

This article is an example of the outstanding research on computer-supported collaborative learning for the development of argumentation competence in higher education.

This is the article of the group in Science, which has by far the highest Impact Factor compared to other publications of the group. The IF of the top 1 journal in Education and Educational Research is 5.0.