Other projects of the Education and Competence Studies Group

In addition to the presented ECS research programs and PhD projects, the chair group has carried out many other projects during the years.

These other projects concerned e.g. training needs analysis, curriculum development, staff training, and specific consultancy work.

Examples of projects:

Horticulture Curriculum development in Ethiopia

ECS has conducted a curriculum development project with colleagues from the Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Ethiopia as part of a larger program on the development of the competitive strength of the horticulture sector. The aim was to collaboratively learn the possibilities and boundaries of transferring the competence-based, work-oriented curriculum approach to the context of a developing country.

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Horticulture Curriculum development in East Africa

ECS has conducted and is conducting curriculum development projects with colleagues from various higher agricultural education institutes in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya. The projects are grounded in the ideas and research on competence-based education.

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Improving the quality of education, research and community services at 9 Eastern Indonesian higher education institutes

Since September 2008 ECS is involved in 5 NUFFIC-funded projects in Eastern Indonesia. In short 3 NPT projects have the objective of improving quality of education, research of and community services.

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Science Shop, Wageningen UR, offers projects that are demand driven, authentic and exploratory in nature

Wageningen UR, Science shop support socially relevant science by conducting participatory research support in reaction to concerns experienced in the civic society. This type of research can also be called community-based research (CBR).

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Western Balkan Rural Extension Network through Curriculum Reform (2010-2013)

ECS is involved in the Tempus IV project "Western Balkan Rural Extension Network through Curriculum Reform". This project addresses the deficiency and need for rural development curriculum reform in the Western Balkan region through the training, development, and implementation of rural development programs following 2 streams: formal and non-formal rural development education.

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