Research context: perspective and themes

Key research questions of the ECS research programme:

  • What are reliable and valid strategies to identify, formulate and classify competencies that are important for realising transition processes?
  • What are appropriate and inspiring learning and assessment arrangements for competence development of learners in formal education and non-formal learning situations?
  • What is the (cost) effectiveness of competence-based learning arrangements for innovations in society in general and the agribusiness and green space in particular?
Research programs of the Education and Competence Studies Group

Themes of the ECS research programme

1. Competence-based vocational and professional education 

» Harm Biemans

2. Competence and learning for sustainable development 

» Arjen Wals

3. Competence development and knowledge arrangements

» PJ Beers

4. Competence, innovation and entrepreneurship

» Thomas Lans

5. Learning in higher education

» Martin Mulder

6. Continuing professional development

» Renate Wesselink