GAMS for environmental economic modelling

Welcome to the GAMS users page of the Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group, Wageningen University & Research. This website contains (i) the GAMS reader; (ii) downloadable models for the GAMS reader; (iii) the MPSGE section; and (iv) additional information.

Reader GAMS for environmental-economic modelling

Download the (revised) reader GAMS for environmental-economic modelling as a:   

The reader contains:

  • a guide on how to use GAMS for the course
  • a short introduction in GAMS for environmental economics
  • numerous learning exercises at a Beginners', Intermediate and Advanced level (including solutions for the main variables)
  • specific modelling exercises on partial equilibrium, input-output, computable general equilibrium and neo-classical growth modelling, developed for the course Theories and Models in Environmental Economics

Downloadable models for the GAMS reader

To download the models referenced to in the exercises, click the right mousebutton and choose "save target as..." / "save link as...":

CGE models in MPSGE

If you are interested in using CGE models for your thesis, think about learning MPSGE:

James Markusen provides excellent examples for modelling in MPSGE.

Additional material and information

  • To access the section of GAMS Tips and Tricks, click here.
  • This section contains several useful hints on how to implement specific GAMS problems; the list is based on concrete questions by GAMS users.
  • A reprint of the official GAMS tutorial by Rick Rosenthal is available here.
  • The GAMS Development Corporation can be found here.
  • The GAMS homepage contains a huge amount of useful information for users, including a full user guide and model library.
  • GAMS offers free download of a student/demo version of their software; this free version can handle almost all of the models used in the GAMS Reader.
  • If you encounter any problems, contact Xueqin Zhu.