Information for PhD students Environmental Economics and Natural Resources

This page presents links to sources of information which will be useful to you during your PhD.


  1. To visit the general Wageningen University & Research website for PhD students click here. For additional general information consult the PhD guide. To apply for PhD positions in Wageningen see here and/ or the vacancy text; The graduate schools which apply to ENR are WASS and WIMEK which is part of the SENSE network.
  2. After arriving at Wageningen, in order to take courses, you need to register with the University. Registration forms are available from the Student Services Centre in Forum. This requires a passport and contract of employment.
  3. The next step is to produce a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). Information on TSP for WIMEK students can be found at the SENSE website. For WASS students, the information can be found here. This can only be accessed once you are a registered WASS student. PhD students have a “rucksack” of finance to fund training. Information on the rucksack will be needed to fill in your TSP. This information can be found under the heading “Financial Assistance for the Realisation of a TSP”.
  4. You may wish to consult the document "Guidelines for Responsibilities and Arrangements of PhD supervisors and candidates".
  5. Project Proposals should be completed within the first 6 months.
  6. Information on procedures and regulations for graduation and on the contents of a PhD thesis (including propositions) can be found at the general PhD site.

Additional information

  • For course information, see the Study Handbook of Wageningen University & Research, the study guides of other universities, the course information on the websites of the various graduate schools (some have 'course finder' tools) and identify relevant field specific networks, for instance LNMB.