Awards and prizes of the Environmental Policy Group

October 2012: Renske den Exter wins Rachel Carson Award 2012!

Renske den Exter keeps the honour of MUE: ‘She won the Rachel Carson Award 2012 for her Thesis ‘Climate Policy in Dutch Municipalities: Organisation, Policy, Implementation and Performance’! This award is handed out by the Dutch Network of Environmental Professionals VVM. Renske compared the climate policy of Dutch municipalities on national scale, which has never been done before. Renske studied the Master Urban Environmental Management with the major Environmental Policy and minor Urban Environmental Technology and Management. Graduaded recently, she was totally fit for her thesis on Dutch local climate policy. We congratulate Renske with this wonderful achievement!

October 2012: nomination for Liset Meddens

The MSc thesis of Liset Meddens is nominated in the 'Cheetah Challenge', the thesis competition organized by NCDO in cooperation with the Prince Claus Chair. The winner will be awarded on the Prince Claus Chair Anniversary Conference which will take place the 28th of November.

July 2012: ENP PhD student Chris Seijger wins award for 'Outstanding PhD student' at the Engineering Project Organization Conference (EPOC).

Chris received this award based on his presentation and paper on 'Narrowing the gap between theory and practice? Interactive knowledge development in a coastal defense project'.

The EPOC 2012 continues to focus on research in the field of engineering project organizations. EPOC 2012 is a unique event that provides a forum for researchers to present research findings and have in-depth exchanges on emerging research. The perspective in this conference is broader than project delivery approaches, organization structures and work processes. It includes the multi-faceted organizational and governance challenges facing the managers of modern global engineering and construction project organizations.

The award recognizes outstanding PhD students at the conference either through presentations, posters, or papers.

June 2012: ENP student Mariska Bottema wins MSc Thesis Award

Mariska Bottema (front right) has won the van Heest Stichting / WWF MSc thesis Award for Nature Conservation! The ENP student won the first prize for her 2010 thesis "Ecological modernization of marine conservation. A case study of two enterpreneurial marine protected areas in Indonesia". Her supervisor was Simon Bush.

Master students from both Dutch and Belgian universities could be nominated for this prestigous award. We would like to congratulate Mariska with this outstanding performance!