ENP PhD trip 2012: Denmark and Sweden

In October 2012, 11 ENP PhD students explored Denmark and Sweden during the first ENP PhD trip.

During the 10-day trip 8 academic and non-academic institutions in Denmark and Sweden were visited. The following groups were visited: Forest and Landscape group at Copenhagen University, International Council for Exploration of the Sea, Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University, European Environmental Agency, City of Malmö, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies at Lund University, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University, and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The objectives of the trip were to learn and exchange new knowledge and experiences, to learn about the science-policy interface, to develop networks for potential future collaboration between ENP and other institutions, to present ENP and its work to the outside, and to bond and strengthen the relationship of PhDs within the ENP.

The ENP PhD trip was a resounding success. On November 22 the involved PhD students presented the outcomes of their trip to ENP in a research colloquium. Besides informing staff and other PhD students on their experiences and lessons learned, they also presented a book to ENP. This book is both a written and a visual report of the trip. Far and foremost, the PhD students like to thank ENP staff for their support, and the research schools of WASS and SENSE for their financial support.

As the trip was such a great success, we hope that this PhD trip will be the first of many.

16b54b37-3434-4271-98ae-6144e7d5dda8_Book presented to Tuur.JPG