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In this overview we summarize our expertise. If you want to search in the entire expertise dataset of the Wageningen University, please click here. Feel free to contact us either for enquiries about cooperating with us, or about writing a BSc-, MSc-, or PhD-thesis.

Expert Expertise WUR group
Prof. Dr. Bas Arts global forest and biodiversity governance, 'glocalisation' (global trends, local practices), institutional policy analysis FNP
Prof. Dr. Ir. Kris van Koppen nature and biodiversity policy, valuation and perception; industrial ecology and organizational change; citizen participation and learning ENP
Prof. Dr. Bernd van der Meulen food law, food safety law, codex alimentarius, right to food, supply chain management LAW
Prof. Dr. Arthur Mol Globalization and environment; Social theory and environment: ecological modernization theory and the environmental sociology of flows; industrial transformation; informational governance on the environment. ENP
Prof. Dr. Ir. Gert Spaargaren sustainable consumption and lifestyles; social theory and the environment; domestic consumption of energy, water and waste-services; sociology of environmental flows; sociological theory ENP
Prof. Dr. Ir. Katrien Termeer configuration management, leadership, climate change policies, policy intervention strategies, innovative policy arrangements PAP
Dr. Gerard Breeman policy analysis, trust analysis, animal related policies, politics of attention, agenda setting theory PAP
Dr. Arjen Buijs social representations of nature, landscape perception & place attachment, public participation and public support FNP
Dr. Simon Bush Environmental governance in Asia, political ecology, trade and environment, community-based natural resource management, environmental transformations in developing and transitional economies ENP
Dr. Art Dewulf water management, climate change policies, framing analysis, discourse analysis PAP
Dr. Ir. Birgit Elands nature & people, experiences, perceptions, recreation & tourism FNP
Dr. Aarti Gupta Global environmental politics, risk governance, trade and environment, the role of science in environmental policy-making, global– local linkages in governance ENP
Dr. Ir. Marjanke Hoogstra business management, economics, forestry, natural resource management FNP
Dr. Otto Hospes biofuels, soy and palmoil; round tables, private governance of sustainable production; human rights and market regulation; sociology of markets and chains; legal anthropology and economic sociology PAP
Dr. Kristine Kern energy and climate governance; governance of sustainable cities and regions; marine governance, in particular the governance of regional seas; multi-level governance; European governance ENP
Dr. Fred Kistenkas international environmental law, landscape law, spatial planning, EU nature conservation law, climate law FNP
Ir. Jim van Laar Forest and nature management practices, landuse planning, forest and nature conservation policy FNP
Dr. Ir. Peter Oosterveer globalisation and sustainability of food production and consumption; labeling and certification of food; regulation of international agricultural trade; environmental policy and management in Africa; and general social theory. ENP
Dr. Ir. Jan van Tatenhove Environmental Governance; Political modernization and the Institutionalization of innovative policy arrangements in environmental policy, nature conservation, water management; Power and participation; Reflexive Policy making ENP
Dr. Esther Turnhout the role of science and expertise in the governance of nature FNP
Dr Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers international biodiversity governance and the role of (public-)private steering mechanisms like partnerships FNP
Dr. Freerk Wiersum forestry and rural development, forest governance, forest policy decentralisation, community forestry, forestry institutions, interfaces between global standards - local practices FNP