The projects of the Wageningen centre of governance usually result in a report or a presentation. Below you find the links to the reports that were published in the last two years.

  • sensitive issues, such as the construction of megastables, without loosing citizens’ trust?
  • Monitoring the Common Agriculture Policy Debate (PAP).
  • Farmers' sense-making of legislation related to agriculture, the environment and fertiliser (PAP). How farmers make sense of the legislation about manure and fertiliser regulations?
  • Sustainable logistics and mobility of the Greenport Aalsmeer (PAP). Improve the planning and mobility of the Aalsmeer's auction.
  • Politics of Attention for Environmental issues (PAP). How, when and under what conditions do environmental policy issues appear on the public and politcal agenda?
  • An evaluation of Oxfam Novib’s engagement in RSPO and 4C (LAW)
  • Governing Climate Change in Cities: Modes of Urban Climate Governance in Multi-level Systems (ENP)
  • Duurzaam consumeren. Maatschappelijke context en mogelijkheden voor beleid, Erik de Bakker, Hans Dagevos and Gert Spaargaren (2008). Rapport uit de reeks WOt-rapporten. Een uitgave van de unit Wettelijke Onderzoekstaken Natuur & Milieu, Wageningen UR.
  • Governing climate change in cities: modes of urban climate governance in multi-level systems Kristine Kern and Gotelind Alber (2008). Report prepared for OECD International conference "Competitive cities and climate change", October 9-10, 2008.
  • Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing House: Participation Options and Impediments to Information Provision
    Aarti Gupta (2008) Prepared for the United Nations Environment Programme / Global Environment Facility's Biosafety Clearing House (UNEP-GEF BCH Project).
  • Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse in Dutch Society: Social Opportunities and Risks, Dries Hegger, Bas Van Vliet and Gert Spaargaren (2008). Final report for the EET-DESAR project.