Wageningen Centre of Governance


WCG scholars participate actively – and often play a leadership role – in national and international networks. For example, we belong to various professional associations, such as the International Sociological Association and the International Studies Association. National and international networks on governance include:


Comparative Policy Agendas Network: a network of universities in about 15 countries worldwide studying the politics of attention. Arco Timmermans of Leiden University and Gerard Breeman lead the Dutch research team. This team is also involved in the EU part of the research. Contact: Gerard Breeman, PAP

ECPR: the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is an independent, scholarly association, established in 1970. It supports and encourages the training, research and cross-national co-operation of political scientists throughout Europe and beyond.


Governance of Climate Adaptation: this is a network of universities analyzing the consequences of climate change in the Netherlands. Partners include Radboud University, Free University Amsterdam, Utrecht University and Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as two universities outside of the Netherlands. Contact: PAP

Transnational Climate Change Governance (funded by the Leverhulme Trust) : an international network of 16 universities and research institutions from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France, coordinator: Harriet Bulkeley, University of Durham (UK).

Contact: Kristine Kern, ENP


European Union COST Action IS0802 on Transformations in Global Environmental Governance: a network of ten European countries addressing the current transformation of global environmental governance under three themes:

(i) increasing trans-nationalisation; (ii) increasing supra- and transgovernmentalisation; and (iii) increasing fragmentation.

Action Chair: Philipp Pattberg, Free University Amsterdam. Contact: Aarti Gupta, ENP

Glogov.org: the Global Governance Project (Glogov.org) is a joint research programme of twelve European research institutions that seeks to advance understanding of new actors, institutions and mechanisms of global governance. Coordinated by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Contact: Aarti Gupta, ENP

Forest governance and livelihoods network (CERES Research School): this network is committed to stimulating and networking in research efforts in the Netherlands in the area of forest governance and livelihoods. It aims to integrate approaches from multiple disciplines with a view to developing theoretical and analytical frameworks for understanding the conditions under which forests can be managed sustainably, while contributing to poverty alleviation and the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental services. It strives to achieve this by bringing together scientists and PhD students with a forestry, human geography and social science background from the different Dutch universities and offering a platform for discussion, information exchange and joint seminars. The netwerk is coordinated by Freerk Wiersum (Wageningen University) as chaiman and Mirjam Ros-Tonen (Amsterdam University) as convenor.