Previous Research Colloquia

26 June 2017
Gerald Taylor Aiken
The politics of community: togetherness, Transition and post-politics
9 November 2015
Peter Oosterveer
Analyzing environmental change by integrating environmental networks and flows and social practices perspectives; a review
7 October 2015
Mattijs Smits and Jenny Rinkinen
Convergence and divergence in energy-related practices: Understanding demand in Southeast Asia and Europe
25 June 2015
Tracey O'Connor
Equitably harvesting benefits of climate-smart agriculture through supply chain and area-based certification schemes
20 May 2015
Mairon Bastos Lima
Experiences in jurisdictional REDD+ and the landscape approach in Latin America: Lessons from Acre State (Brazil), Ecuador, and the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)
29 January 2015
Robin Smale
Emerging energy practices in the smart grid
15 December 2014
Aarti Gupta
Disclosing (un)sustainability, the transformative power of transparency?
8 December 2014
Peter Rudberg
Environmental Policy coherence and implementation in water resource management: insights from hydropower and urban water services
3 December 2014
Frank Wagemans
Socially responsible investment and its effect on corporate environmental management
28 May 2014
Jan Stap
The control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal

16 May 2014
Shen Guiyin
China’s agricultural-environment protection: background, challenges and efforts

20 March 2014
Katrine Soma

Informational Governance – a systematic literature review of governance for sustainability in the Information Age

16 December 2013
Niklas Höhne
Qualitative and quantitative assessment of energy and climate policies andactions

26 November 2013
Floor Bokkes, Abdul Ghofar & Cassie Leisk (joint colloquium)
Fishery Improvement Projects: challenges and opportunities towardssustainability

19 November 2013
Michael Fabinyi
Chinese seafood consumption and implications for the Asia-Pacific

2 October 2013
Mattijs Smits
Splintering carbon markets: fragmentation or regional innovation of climategovernance in East and Southeast Asia

26 June 2013
Kulbhushan Balooni
Opportunities and Challenges of Decentralized and Community-based Solid WasteManagement in Urban Agglomerations in Kerala State in India

23 April 2013
Rolf Lidskogh
The future of environmental sociology

27 February
Joost van Buuren
Discussion of John Abbot’s book “Green Infrastructure for Sustainable UrbanDevelopment in Africa” (Earthscan/Routledge 2012).

30 January
Albina Pashkevich
Coastal tourism in the Northwest Russian Arctic: current situation and futureprospects

7 November 2012
David Goldsborough
Implementation of Natura 2000 for the offshore cross border Dogger Bank: thecase of epistemic communities and multi-level governance

28 August 2012
Harry Barnes-Dabban
Influence of Regional Environmental Bureaucracies in Dealing with MarineEnvironment Problems: Regional Coordination Unit of the Abidjan Convention andWest and Central African Ports.

5 July 2012
Simon Bush
Governing shrimp aquaculture through global environmental regulatory networks

21 June 2012
David Sonnenfeld
Beyond the Nation-State? Challenges & opportunities in analyzing impacts ofthe global and regional financial crisis
on environmental policymaking in Europe, 2007-present

15 February 2012
Belay Mengistie
Sustainable Pesticide Governance in Flower and Vegetable Farms of Ethiopia

14 December 2011
Jan Paul van Soest
Clogs in the Works – How the US free-market ideology and fossil fuel interestsfeed European (Dutch) climate skepticism

7 December 2011
Wenling Liu
Energy consumption patterns and CO2 emissions of households in a well-off ruralarea in China

23 November 2011
Bettina Bluemling
China’s Green Models – a regulatory style

16 November 2011
Eefje Aarnoudse
A method to analyse the complex dynamics of coupled social and hydrologicalsystems

10 November 2011
Zhu Xuan
Evaluation on Industry Water Pollution Control Policy in Huai River Basin ofChina

2 November 2011
Sofie Bouteligier
Shaping sustainable urban futures: the role of the environmental consultancyindustry in transforming cities worldwide

20 October 2011
Judith van Leeuwen
Market based mechanisms in marine governance

12 October 2011
Jennifer Lenhart
Adaptive capacities, new technological concepts, and the governance of climatechange in cities and metro-regions

31 August 2011
Simon Bush
Benefiting from innovations in sustainable and equitable management offisheries on transboundary tuna's in the Coral Triangle and Western Pacific

30 June 2011
Peter Oosterveer
Towards environmentally sustainable and equitable palm oil.

18 May 2011
Georgeana Barbosa de Franca (visiting researcher at ENP)
Energy socio-technical networks and environmental institutionalization:renewable energy production in a rural community of southern Brazil

10 March 2011
Eira Carballo Cardenas, ENP PhD researcher
Stakeholder views on data attributes and data use for management in MarineProtected Areas

2 March 2011
Francesca Galmacci, ENP guest researcher
Moving towards sustainable food consumption: the role of science-based art

16 February 2011
Shuqin Jin, ENP PhD researcher
How ecological is the Chinese pathway to a modernization of cotton production?

26 January 2011
Sarah Hunt, ENP guest PhD researcher
Designing with ecosystems and developing new engineering practices: Scientificand technological innovation and the role of the individual.

15 December 2010
Sara Söderström
Environmental risk governance in a complex setting – the case of maritime oiltransportations in the Baltic Sea

1 December 2010
Dorien Korbee
Greening marine infrastructure: Understanding eco-dynamic designing indifferent governance settings

17 November 2010
Mesharch Katusiimeh
Implementation of New Public Management (NPM) reform initiatives: Explainingperformance of solid waste management in developing countries, a case of Uganda

5 July 2010
Marjanneke Vijge
Changing modes of biodiversity governance

24 June 2010
Arthur Mol
Carbon Flows, Financial Markets and the Challenge of Global Environment

9 June 2010
Maya van den Berg (Research associate, University of Twente)
Local Dutch Communities Adapting to Climate Change

19 May 2010
Anders Hayden (Visiting Researcher, ENP)
Climate Leaders and Laggards: Canada, the EU, and Unequal Access to anEcological Modernization Strategy

16 March 2010
Gao Hong (ENP Visiting researcher from China)
The role of culture forest on conservation of biodiversity and ecosystemservices

24 February 2010
Sammy Letema
Policy Context of Sewerage Provision in Kampala and Kisumu Cities

13 January 2010
Gabor Szanto
Sanitation provision in East African slums – a multidisciplinary review ofKibera, Nairobi

11 November 2009
Jia Li
Determinants of large scale tree oil crop plantations in China: aninstitutional analysis

28 October 2009
Dr. Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen
Global Energy Governance: Explaining a Vacuum and Fledgling Strategies to Fillit

14 October 2009
Dr. Hu Chunsheng
Managing Agricultural Non Point Source Pollution in China: situational andinstitutional factors

8 October 2009
Dr. Marieke Verweij
Causal reasoning about resource dynamics: perception differences betweenstakeholders and consequences for the fisheries management debate

9 September 2009
Michiel de Krom
Contextualising consumer trust in food risk governance of avian influenza

18 June 2009
Adil Najam (Boston University, USA)
Climate change, development and security: looking beyond Copenhagen

17 June 2009
Peter Vandergeest (York University, Canada)
New green recolutions: alternative agriculture and organic food in a globalsouth context

27 May 2009
Andrew Glover (Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology,Sydney)
Disposal: identity, practice and provision

29 April 2009
Chris Dutilh (Environment Manager Unilever/ Foundation for Sustainability inthe Food Chain [Stichting DuVo])
CO2 labelling of food products: constraints and opportunities
Please find the powerpoint presentation of Chris Dutilh here

22 April 2009
Wim van Densen
Agricultural nonpoint source pollution governance in China

15 April 2009
Shuqin Jin

Graphical language in environmental debates

1 April 2009
Jingyi Han
Concession model for wind power projects in China

18 March 2009
Zhiqi Li
New chance for forest management: a case learned from biodiversity conservationin culture forest in China

4 March 2009
Peter Oosterveer
Biofuels, international trade and sustainability: a review

18 February 2009
Pedro R. Jacobi
Environmental Governance in Brazil - main transformations and challenges

11 February 2009
Alexey Pristupa
The development of biofuels in Russia: An overview of the current situation andfuture perspectives (based on the case-study of Omsk Region)

10 December 2008
Shaaban Mgana
Onsite cost effective self financing innovative environmental technologies andpolicies that minimize unplanned settlement complexities and contradictions areinstrumental to sustainable urban development in a developing country –Tanzania

2 December 2008
Cécile Raud
The social construction of functional food market in Brazil and theNetherlands: an analysis within the New Economic Sociology

17 November 2008
Steven Sarasini
Rethorically constructing legitimacy, structure and agency in Swedish climatepolicy

12 November 2008
Harriet Bulkeley
Global cities and the governing of climate change

5 November 2008
Ching Thoo al Kim
Operational efficiency and environmental effectiveness of the Malaysian watersupply sector

15 October 2008
Maria Francesch
Formation of coalitions for governing climate change compared: the city-levelpolitical dimension of a multi-level governance problem

30 September 2008
Daniel Kinpara
The National Biodiesel Policy and the Dynamics of Family Farms in the BrazilianSavannah

24 September 2008
Marcia Grisotti
Health claims for functional foods in Brazil and Europe

25 June 2008
Leah Ombis
Better management of plastic wastes for the urban centres of Kenya -Multi-level perspective

23 June 2008
Nguyen Thi Kim Dung
Community forest management in protected areas of Vietnam

17 June 2008
Laurent Glin
Greening Agriculture in a Globalizing World: Networks and Policy Perspective inWest Africa

23 April 2008
Judith van Leeuwen
The role of the state in the global environmental governance of shipping

19 March 2008
Anne Scheinberg
A Bird in the Hand: Solid Waste Modernisation, Recycling and the InformalSector

23 January 2008
Rembrandt Koppelaar (Stichting Peakoil Nederland/ASPO Netherlands)
The end of the fossil fuel global power network

15 January 2008
Kanang Kantamaturapoj
Emerging sustainable food consumption in newly industrializing economies: thecase of Thailand

8 January 2008
Neil Carter (Department of Politics, University of York, UK)
New Labour, New Environment?

26 November 2007
Pham Van Hoi
A dysfunctional market-based vegetable production and marketing system in theRed River delta of Vietnam

1 November 2007
Prof. Dr. Shaoguang Wang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
The Great Transformation: Double Movement in China

25 October 2007
Dr. Julia Guivant (Department of Sociology and Political Science, FederalUniversity of Santa Catarina, Brazil)
From GMOs to nanotechnology: the constrains for a redefinition of the publicarena in Brazil

24 October 2007
Yuan Zhang
Eco-labeling and the Greening of Chinese Textile and Clothing Industry – firstphase field work in China

16 October 2007
Dr. Aree Wiboonpongse (Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang MaiUniversity)
Contract farming in Thailand: experiences in the Northern region

10 October 2007
Katrine Soma (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Economics& Resource Management)
Coastal Zone Management at municipal level in Norway

26 September 2007 (joint colloquium with Law and Governance group)
Tran Thi Phung Ha (Law and Governance group)
Decision making and dynamics of coastal fish-based livelyhoods in the MekongDelta, Viet Nam
Tran Thi Thu Han (ENP)
Global and local governance over coastal zone management in the Mekong Delta ofVietnam: the resilience of coastal communities to ecological change

30 May 2007
Aarti Gupta
Transparency and Disclosure in Global Environmental Governance

23 May 2007
Timmons Roberts (Oxford University, UK; and The College of William and Mary,USA)
Inequality, Trust, and the Kyoto Impasse: World-Systems Insights on ClimateVulnerability, Responsibility, and Action

9 May 2007
Lenny Putman
The role of occupants in the ecological modernisation of home maintenance.Purchasing a house

2 May 2007
Elizabeth Sargant
Sustainable food consumption from a social practices perspective: greeningcanteen food in The Netherlands

25 April 2007
Bas van Vliet
Biowaste Reuse in South East Asian Cities, results of a diagnostic study inVietnam, Philippines and Thailand

11 April 2007
Frank Niele (Shell)
From evolutionary energetics to eco-industrial design

4 April 2007
Walter Castro
Changing roles of NGOs in environmental reform of SMEs in Latin America:research design and preliminary findings

28 March 2007
Kirsten Gram-Hanssen (Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University,Denmark)
Lifestyle approaches in the understanding of household's energy consumption

13 March 2007
Harald Heinrichs (University Lueneburg, Germany)
Mediatized Governance? The Role of Media Communication for PoliticalDecision-Making

14 February 2007
Markus Vinnari (Finland Futures Research Centre, Finland)
Meat Consumption in 2030 - Finnish expert views of quantities and influencingfactors

22 November 2006
Li-Jin Zhong
Emgerging environmental democracy in China: Public hearings on water tariffsetting

15 November 2006
Jorrit Nijhuis
Car Purchasing as a Social Practice at the Consumption Junction; The showroomas the place where two worlds meet

1 November 2006
Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs (University Lueneburg, Germany)
Disasters, risks and sustainable development: Communication on Climate Changeand Flood Management

27 September 2006
Astrid Hendriksen, Haske van Vlokhoven and Paul Berentsen
Costs and benefits of on-farm nature conservation

28 June 2006
Zhong Lijin and Zhang Lei
China’s incidents management system in shaping: Strategy for environmentalintegration

21 June 2006
Michiel de Krom
Transformations in Food Safety Governance in Europe

13 June 2006
Xie Lei
Green Activism and Local Environmental Networks in Urban China

30 May 2006
James Semuwemba
Wastewater management for fish processing industries in Uganda: technologicaland social aspects

26 April 2006
Pham Van Hoi
Pesticides governance through agro-food networks: public – private cooperationin the greening of vegetable production in Vietnam

18 April 2006
Pauline Scheelbeek
Modernized Mixtures Approach to urban environmental infrastructures inTanzanian cities

12 April 2006
Christopher Mahonge
Investigation of possibility for co-management for sustainable management ofLake Jipe wetland in Tanzania

29 March 2006
Jingyi Han
Environmental Auditing: a Potential Instrument for Improving EnvironmentalGovernance― China’s renewable energy policy as a case

28 of March 2006
Etiënne Rouwette (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
Group model building
Gwen Kolfschoten (TU Delft)
Collaborative Engineering

22 March 2006
Sietze Vellema (LEI)
Tracing and institutionalizing sustainability in commodity chains: the case ofcoffee

30 November 2005
Joris Verwijmeren
Many rivers to cross. Cross-border co-operation in water mangement

23 November 2005
A quantitative methodology to test Ecological Modernization Theory in theMalaysian Palm Oil Production Chain

9 November 2005
Jan van Tatenhove
Power and Policy

2 November 2005
Bill Markham (University of North Carolina)
Dilemmas of environmental organizing: German environmental organizations in anew century

10 October 2005
Maurie Cohen (New Jersy Institute of Technology)
The Critical Appraisal of Automobility – Moving Towards Sustainable SystemsInnovation

28 September 2005
Yonglong Lu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Status quo of Environment and Priority Areas for Research in ChinaEnvironmental Industry Development in ChinaJingyi HanEvaluation of RenewableEnergy Policy in China

6 July 2005
Judith van Leeuwen
Environmental governance of maritime activities in the North Sea area

4 July 2005
Sylvia Symonova
The transformation of the EU governance in the field of the food safety policy

29 June 2005
Stefan Kaufman (guest researcher at the Communication and Innovation StudiesGroup)
Investigating the role of reflexivity in achieving intentional social changefor sustainability: social learning and social marketing

25 May 2005
Zhong Li-Jin
Privatisation of water services in China

4 May 2005
Liu Yi
Evaluating phosphorus related policies, towards a new framework foreutrophication control

27 April 2005
Bas van Vliet
Capacity building for environmental management in Uganda

13 April 2005
Daisy Onyige
The impact of Oil Pollution and HIV/AIDS on rural livelihood in the Niger Deltaregion of Nigeria

30 March 2005
Zhang Lei
Conceptualizing environmental auditing in China