Courses of the Gender Studies Group

Gender studies is offering several courses and a minor. Additionally you can do an open course, your thesis and/or internship under the (shared) supervision of one of the lecturers.

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BSC Minor: Gender Aspects of Sustainable Food Systems

We offer an interesting and challenging BSc Gender Studies Minor, focusing on gender aspects in sustainable food systems. This minor prepares students to approach changes and pressing issues around food systems from an integrated bio-physical, economic, political, social and cultural perspective. It explicitly adds and integrates gender aspects in order to fully address sustainability and social justice as expressed in the Millennium Development Goals. It addresses gendered processes and phenomena such as male rural outmigration in combination with feminization of agriculture, f.i. China, that threatens food supplies and prices. Local food circles and food heritage programmes foster agency in sustaining healthy households and communities; mostly women participate. Insight in the on-going processes and opportunities for change is deepened by integrating difference in positions and opportunities on multiple scales.

The minor is specifically interesting for WU-students of the BSc-programmes relate to food, health, consumption, environment and livelihoods, but esp. BIN, BIL, BMK, BPW, BVG, BGM, BEB, BBC, BBN, BDW, BLP, BTC, BLT. Also for non-WU students of BSc programmes who are interested in gender studies dealing with agriculture, rural societies and sustainable food systems, Dutch and international. 

Open courses or capital selecta

These can be arranged with the gender studies lecturers by mutual consent.