PhD-projects Gender Studies

Overview of recent PhD Theses
Name of PhD Preliminary Title Country of research Supervisor Expected year of completion
Janwillem Liebrand Genders of scale and scales of gender: Understanding the masculinity of irrigation governance in Nepal as a problem of scale Nepal L.F. Vincent M. Zwarteveen M.P.M. van der Burg 2012
Dechassa Lemessa Identification, characterization, ecology and ethnobotany of selected wild food plants in Ethiopia Ethiopia A. Niehof L.L. Price 2011
Gisella Cruz Garcia Quantitative analysis of seasonal abundance of usable flora in paddy rice agro-ecosystems in Kalasin, Northeast Thailand Thailand Thailand A. Niehof L.L. Price 2011
Eirik Stijfhoorn Vational and consistency in ethnobotanical knowledge among the Mestizo and Indigenous Shipibo-Conibo populations of the Peruvian Amazon Peru A. Niehof L.L. Price 2011
Joyce Challe Impact of HIV/AIDS on harvesting edible wild plants, species biodiversity and management in Makete District Tanzania: The case of "chikanda" Tanzania L.L. Price 2011
Pranita Bhushan Udas Gendered participation in water management in Nepal: Discourses, policies and practices Nepal L. Vincent M. Zwarteveen
Juana Vera Delgado Water security and ethnicity in the Andes of Peru Peru M. Zwarteveen A. Zoomers 2011
Susana Akrofi HIV/AIDS impacted households and traditional leafy vegetable production and biodiversity in home gardens in Ghana Ghana P. Struik L.L Price 2011
Hirut Bekele Intra-household gender relations and women's empowerment: HIV-AIDS and micro financing programs in Ethiopia Ethiopia H. Folmer B.B. Bock
Charlynne Curiel Gender relations, transnational migration and the construction of 'place' in the community of San Miguel, Tlacotepec Mexico Vries M. Nuijten
Nargiza Nizamedinkhodjayeva Gender dimensions of agrarian change and rural transformation (Khorezm, Uzbekistan) Uzbekistan J.S.C. Wiskerke B.B. Bock
Diana Lope-Alzina The consequences of commodification for homegarden ecology and economic/ material, cultural, and social functions and values for a peasant community in Central America Mexico P.L. Howard
Stephanie Duku A study of small ruminant/crop farming systems in transitional zone of Ghana - from the perspective of gender and HIV/AIDS Ghana P.L. Howard A.J. van der Zijpp
Veronica Rodriguez Socio-cultural changes, lifewords, livelihoods and development alternatives of domestic units in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico Mexico L.E. Visser G.M. Verschoor 2011
Margareth Msonganzila Unraveling gender inequality: Developing an approach for up-scaling gender mainstreaming in cooperatives in Tanzania Tanzania P. Richards M.P.M. van der Burg 2012

Concluded PhD research (you can click on the title to be directed to a copy of the dissertation)
Name of PhD Title Country of research Supervisors Publication
Ekaete Udong The quest for sustainable livelihoods: Women fish traders in Ibaka, Niger Delta, Nigeria Nigeria A. Niehof A. van Tilburg 2011
Nahid Amin Developing an environmentally appropriate, socially accaptable and gender-sensitive technology for water-supply to households in arsenic affected areas in rural Bangladesh Bangladesh A. Niehof W.H. Rulkens 2010
Aifa Fatimata Ndoye Economics of gender, risk and labour in horticultural households in Senegal Senegal E.H Bulte C.P.J Burger 2010
Namizata Binaté Fofana Efficacy of micro-financing women's activities in Côte d'Ivoir:Evidence from rural areas and HIV/AIDS-affected women Ivory Coast G. Antonides A. Niehof 2010
Yuan Juanwen The household responsibility system and social change in rural Guihzou, China: Applying a cohort approach China A. Niehof H.H.S Moerbeek 2010
Mariam Maiga Gender, AIDS and food security: Culture and vulnerability in rural Côte d'Ivoire Ivory Coast L.E. Visser A. Niehof 2010
Margarita Hurtado Paz y Paz Petén: ¿La última frontera? La construcción social de una región Guatemala J.D van der Ploeg A.M.G Arce 2010
Gaynor Paradza Single women, land and livelihood vulnerability in a communal area in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe J.W.M. van Dijk B. O'Laughlin (ISS) J. Stewart (UZ) 2010
Hirut Bekale Haile Targeting married women in microfinance programmes: Transforming or reinforing gender inequalities? Evidence from Ethiopia Ethiopia H. Folmer B.B. Bock 2010
Rose Fagbemissi Experts from necessity: Agricultural knowledge of children orphaned by AIDS in the Couffo Region, Benin Benin C. Leeuwis L.L. Price R. Lie 2010
Michele Nori Milking drylands: gender networks, pastoral markets and food securityin stateless Somalia Somalia J. van der Ploeg P. Hebinck 2010
Regina Nchang (Ntumingia) Dangerous assumptions: the agroecology and ethnobiology of traditional polyculture Cassava systems in rural Cameroon and implications of Green Revolution technologies for sustainability, food security and rural welfare Cameroon P.L. Howard L.L. Price 2010
Kidist Gebreselassie HIV/AIDS, labor organisation, and agrobiodiversity: the case of farm household in Southwest Ethiopia Ethiopia E. van Ierland L.L. Price 2009
Huynh Quang Tin Impacts for famrer-based training in seed production in Vietnam Vietnam P. Struik L.L. Price 2009
Marian Koster Fragmented lives: Reconstructing rural livelihoods in post-genocide Rwanda Rwanda A. Niehof L.L. Niehof G.E. Frerks 2008
Kalunde Kissawike Irrigation-based livelihood challenges and opportunities: a gendered technography of irriation development intervention in the Lower Moshi irrigation scheme in Tanzania Tanzania P. Richards M. Zwarteveen 2008
Monica Karuhanga Living with AIDS in Uganda:Impacts on banana-farming households in two districts Uganda A. Niehof P. Hebinck 2008
Julieta R. Roa Food insecurity in fragile lands: Philippine cases through the livelihood lens Philippines A. Niehof L.L. Price 2007
Lydia Ndirangu Household's vulnerability and responses to shock: Evidence from rural Kenya Kenya A. Kuyvenhoven A. Haroon Akram-Lodie (ISS) 2007
Faith Nguthi Adoption of agricultural innovations by smallholder farmers in the context of HIV/AIDS: the case of tissue-cultured banana in Kenya Kenya A. Niehof H. Moll 2007
Carolyn Nombo When AIDS meets poverty: Implications of social capital in a village in Tanzania Tanzania A. Niehof B. O'Laughlin(ISS) 2007
Nariyani Tiwari Women's agency in relation to population and environment in rural Nepal Nepal A. Niehof L.L. Price 2007
Doris Kakuru The combat for gender equality in education: rural livelihood pathways in the context of HIV/AIDS Uganda M. Mulder M.P.M. van der Burg A. Wals 2006
Ahmed Ali Livelihood and food security in Bangladesh: the role of social capital Bangladesh A. Niehof H. Bouis (IFPRI) 2005
G. N. Nabanoga Transgressing boundaries: Gendered spaces, species and indigenous forest management in Uganda Uganda P.L. Howard K.F. Wiersum 2005