Members of the HSO group actively participate in a number of national and international projects and networks.

International Union for Health Promotion and Education

IUHPE is a unique worldwide, independent and professional association of individuals and organisations committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the people through education, community action and the development of healthy public policy. The mission of the IUHPE is to promote global health and to contribute to the achievement of equity in health between and within countries of the world.

GWG on Salutogenesis

The Global Working Group was established in 2007 at the IUHPE General Assembly, in Vancouver, Canada – to advance and promote the science of salutogenesis within health promotion. The mission is to advance and promote the science of salutogenesis and thus to contribute to the scientific base of health promotion and of the IUHPE

Center of Salutogenesis

This is a research web database integrating the salutogenesis (the origin of health) and health promotion research and practice. Salutogenesis is an asset approach where the focus is on resources for health and well-being. There are many theories, principles and constructs under the salutogenic umbrella.

In collaboration with the Global Working Group of Salutogenesis. The Center under the lead of Prof. Georg Bauer advances and promotes Salutogenesis - the concept of the origin of health rather than disease („Salus“ = Latin for health). The Center studies how strengthening individual and social resources will promote positive health development particularly in the increasingly dynamic world of work. This expansion of the pathogenic perspective is valuable for both research and practice.

HEPA Europe

HEPA Europe is a collaborative project which works for better health through physical activity among all people in the WHO European Region, by strengthening and supporting efforts to increase participation and improve the conditions for healthy lifestyles. WHO/Europe closely collaborates with the network, consistently with the goals of its programme on transport and health that include the promotion of physical activity as a healthy means for sustainable transport.

ETC Summer Course

The European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion (ETC-PHHP) organizes an annual summer school focused on developing practical and theoretical tools to enhance health promotion strategies in Europe. The course which is held each July/August, is conducted at post-graduate (Master) level and constitutes 200 hours of formal study. The learning approach is based on salutogenic principles using a Pan-European perspective.

A Global One Health (AGOH)

One of the strategic themes of Wageningen University & Research is A Global One Health (AGOH). The GOH approach uses multiple disciplines to seek transnational solutions for improving the health of humans, animals and plants, and ultimately, the sustainability of the ecosystems of planet Earth. The Chairgroup Health and Society actively participates in the working group of AGOH.