Thesis subject

Happy again! Designing an Application for Grief Support (BSc/MSc)

This project involves an investigation into the design of a mobile or web-application for supporting individuals experiencing grief.

Short description

This project involves a collaboration with TU Eindhoven into the design of an application to support individuals experiencing grief. Grief can be very diverse for different types of people (e.g. people with ADHD or autism experience grieve differently), further an expected or unexpected death causes a different mourning period. Many questionnaires on mental challenges already exist, but we don’t know exactly which ones are relevant for embedding into an software application or the most suitable way to make the software application user friendly. In this project we would like to find out which measures are useful and which are not needed. You will create an overview of potential measures and when, or why, they would be useful. Secondly, you will test a selection of these measures with a small group of people to test the user experience in a qualitative way for this proof of concept. You will also have the opportunity to take part and help organise a hackathon event comprised of students from WUR, UU and TUE.


  1. Support the development of a hackathon for students from WUR, TUE and UU;
  2. Investigate existing solutions for grief support (such as chatbots, AI and e-services);
  3. Propose a system design (concept) and architecture for a mobile or web-based application;


    The work in this thesis entails:

    • Conduct an extensive literature review into current tools and approaches for grief support;
    • Support the design of a toolkit for use in an inter-disciplinary hackathon event;
    • Provide a reference architecture and system design for a mobile or web-based application based on the literature review and hackathon findings;


    • Courses: (Optional) Programming in Python (INF-22306), Software Engineering (INF 32306), Data Science Concepts (INF-34306)

      Key words: Social Computing, Software

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