Thesis subject

Use Virtual Reality (VR) to Affect Consumer Behavior

Note: This is a cooperative project between INF group and WFSR group of Wageningen University & Research.

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the fastest-growing technology nowadays. More and more companies have started to use VR solutions for various business applications, such as construction, aviation, and the food industry. It is found that consumer behavior during shopping is often influenced by the products presented to them during shopping. Therefore, in this project, we aim to use VR techniques to identify the key factors that affect the behavior of consumers.

Specifically, we will (1) create an artificial environment for consumers; (2) make consumers do shopping in the artificial environment by VR; (3) use machine learning solutions to identify the key factors that affect the behavior of consumers.

The project will include the following tasks:

  • Create an artificial environment for simulating a shopping environment.
  • Use Reinforcement Learning (RL) model to control the shopping environment for influencing consumer choices.
  • Test the Consumer behavior model based on behavior change wheel (from RL project )
  • Apply the identified variables that could influence the behavior of a consumer to a real-world shopping environment.

The content above is an overall description of the project. The detailed research work of the project could be based on further discussion between supervisors and students.


    Requirements (optional)

    • Pyhon programming
    • Machine learning

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