Gert Jan Hofstede featured on the Freakonomics podcast

Published on
July 23, 2021
GJ Hofstede.jpg

Recently, Gert Jan Hofstede was featured on the American Freakonomics podcast. As a professor in artificial sociality, he talked with show host Stephen Dubner about the (extreme) invidividualism of the United States. Individualism and its counterpart collectivism are one of the six dimensions of the 6D model of national culture. Gert Jan's late father, Geert Hofstede, began developing the model in the fifties. Continuing his father's legacy, Gert Jan Hofstede talked with Stephen Dubner about the six dimensions of national culture and the United States.

Several other speakers are featured on the Freakonomics podcast as well. Gert Jan Hofstede also briefly featured on the 469th podcast of Freakonomics, before his in depth interview on the 470th episode. Links are provided in the text.

Those interested in the work of Geert and Gert Jan Hofstede can read more on the website