Gert Jan Hofstede speaks in sold out Paradiso @ the Science and Cocktails event

Published on
August 30, 2021

On the 21th of September this year, Gert Jan Hofstede speaks at the Science and Cocktails event in Paradiso, Amsterdam. That evening, Gert Jan Hofstede will explain why people do stupid things. The event is already sold out.

Gert Jan Hofstede is personal professor in Artificial Sociality at the Information Technology group. In his own words, his 'long-standing aim is teasing out the generic dynamics of human social behaviour. (...) People are not unpredictable, but ill-understood.' If you would like to understand why people do stupid things too, Gert Jan wrote a blog post about it. To read his thoughts on why people do stupid things, click the link in the text.