INF's dr. Tarek Alskaif on balancing the electricity grid with blockchain technology

Published on
October 5, 2020

A wave of renewable energy sources is currently being integrated in our energy system. Besides, the number of electric cars, solar panels, heat pumps, and batteries is growing exponentially at the end-user side. This will have a positive impact on transitioning towards a more sustainable future, but it also comes with a major consequences on the electricity network. Balancing this increasing share of renewable and distributed assets requires a digital platform that helps in unlocking their full potential and mitigating their impact on the network. The research communities and the energy industry have been increasingly looking to blockchain technology as a potential solution for decentralized and transparent management of smart grids applications.

In this recent article in the De Ingenieur magazine (August 2020), Dr. Tarek Alskaif from the Information Technology group (INF), WUR, has been interviewed on the role of blockchain for balancing the electricity grids, its potential applications and challenges. The article is written in Dutch. An English translation is provided, too.