Research seminars 2021

Monday 18 January Serdar Demirel: Deep Learning for Supporting Ocean Data Quality Control

Monday 01 Februari Paola Zambrano Garcia: An agent-based model to analyze the governance mechanisms in franchise environmental sustainability

Monday 15 February Saman Ghaffarian Artificial intelligence for risk management (examples from natural hazards and agriculture domains)

Monday 01 March Joep Tummers :What to do with data in the intellectual disability care domain?

Monday 15 March Sjoukje Osinga: Big data applications in agriculture: between opportunity and solution (my work in the CYBELE project)

Monday 29 March Dilli Paudel: Machine learning for large-scale crop yield forecasting

Monday 12 April Fred Goede: Taking safety risk: jumping from safety book to real life to a sociotechnical model

Monday 26 April Gert Jan Hofstede: Archetypical patterns in agent-based models

Monday 10 May Abide Coskun-Setirek Digital Innovations-Driven Busines Model Regeneration and Corporate Sustainability

Monday 07 June Christos Pylianidis: Metamodel generalization capacity

Monday 21 June Lucas Noldus: Noldus Information Technology

Monday 13 September Ricardo Torres: On the Analysis of Complex Data in eScience Applications: An Overview

Monday 27 September Anna Fensel: What FAIR data and healthy food have in common: knowledge graphs perspective

Monday 11 October Ali Babar: Engineering Data Driven Secure Software Systems & Services

Monday 25 October Qingzhi Liu: AI-IoT for Precision Agriculture

Monday 8 November Lennard Visser: Solar Energy Analytics and Forecasting

Monday 22 November A group of colleages project proposals pitches

Monday 06 December Onder Babur: Overview of research around modelling, model analytics/management and AI for software engineering