Team KOMOREBI earns second place at the Biodiversity Hackathon

Published on
November 14, 2023

WUR andEurisy, with the support of StartHub Wageningen, organised a Hackathon on 23-24 October 2023 on the issue of “Spatial Data for Biodiversity”. The hackathon challenged teams to use provided spatial data related to biodiversity (stressors and habitats) and create innovative state of the art digital mapping tools and services.

During this hackathon Orestis Spyrou, Researcher in Extended Realities at the Social Creative Technology Lab of the Information Technology group was teamed with specialists from other groups within and outside the boundaries of Wageningen and won the second place. Their team conducted research for the domain under study and created frameworks and standards for such tools as well as proof of concepts for the Next Generation of enhanced physical worlds. The purpose of such a research tool presented to the stakeholders in forms of various schemes and mockups is to showcase the future of integrating digital services (XR, digital twins, AI, etc.) for biodiversity enhancement and accurate modelling of smart ecosystems, providing critical insights in decision making future conservation efforts. The tool will be useful for policy makers, educational research institutes as well as the digital enhancement of Veluwe for the public providing a mixed reality experience in the next generation of internet and digital ecosystem.

Team KOMOREBI {木漏れ日}is derived fromtheJapanese word for sunlight, which is filtered through the leaves of the trees. In particular, it means the visible light rays.