Internship Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

In an internship you apply your (academic) skills in an organizational (usually a company) context. The marketing and consumer behaviour group has many relationships with food- and agribusiness firms (and other firms that produce fast moving consumer goods) that offer internship positions to students in marketing and/ or consumer behaviour Students can also try to find a position by themselves. Students have to send an application for the internship position to the internship provider.

Marketing and consumer behaviour has three requirements for an internship position:

  1. the student has a position similar to other employees of the organization;
  2. the organization provides the students with a problem, related to marketing and/ or consumer behaviour, that can be solved by doing research about which the student writes an internship report;
  3. the student is allowed to work a minimum of one day a week on the internship report, as part of the internship. Next to the internship report the student will work in the company in areas related to marketing and/ or consumer behaviour.

Supervision is provided by the staff of the marketing and consumer behaviour group. The student is allowed to discuss everything with the MCB supervisor. If required supervisors can sign a nondisclosure agreement to safeguard confidential information of the internship provider.

If you are interested in doing an internship in MCB please contact the internship coordinator Frans Verhees ( about two months before you want to start the internship.