MCB theses in other programmes

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour offers the opportunity to students in other programmes to do a thesis in marketing or consumer behaviour, such as to students in Organic Agriculture (MOA) and Sensory Science.

Organic Agriculture (MOA), offers a cluster in the specialization ‘sustainable food systems’ leading to a thesis in marketing and consumer behaviour. The trajectory follows the consumer behaviour trajectory with "Consumer Behaviour: concepts and research methods” (MCB-30306) and “Advanced Consumer Studies” (YSS33306). The marketing management trajectory with "advanced management and marketing" (BMO-21306) and “Conceptual Innovation Lab” (YSS38606) is not described in the MOA program, but may be chosen in consultation with your study adviser. Both are very challenging trajectories that may require some extra self-study, depending on the student’s educational background. Please consult your study advisor and the MCB thesis and internship coordinator as early as possible (i.e. before you start your master).

The Sensory Science specialisation of the Master’s in Food Technology offers the opportunity to do a thesis under the co-supervision of a member of MCB, but under an HNE or FQD code. It requires the mandatory courses “Advanced Sensory Methods and Sensometrics” (MCB-32806), and “Integrated Sensory Science” (MCB-33306), and the optative course “Sensory Perception and Consumer Preference” (MCB-30806). To do the thesis under an MCB code (MCB-80433) “Creating Frameworks for Marketing and Consumer Behaviour” (MCB-31306) is also mandatory.