Research Topics

The research topics covered by members of the MCB group range across the whole supply chain, from primary producers to consumers.

The table below lists the main topics that are covered, and the staff members who are involved in the topics.
Connecting Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behaviour

Connecting marketing strategy and consumer behaviour

Topic Staff member
Food labelling, health claims, sustainability Prof. dr Hans van Trijp
Relationship between different parties in the food supply chain; food waste; emotions; gift giving; e-commerce Dr Ilona de Hooge
Consumer and marketing research methodology Dr Ivo van der Lans

Marketing strategy

Topic Staff member
Agricultural marketing; risk management; futures & options Prof. dr Joost Pennings
Commodity Risk Management Expertise Centre (CORMEC) Prof. dr Joost Pennings
Strategic marketing and sustainability in agrifood with specific attention to emerging market contexts Dr Paul Ingenbleek
Understanding marketing decision making of small firms Dr Frans Verhees

Consumer behaviour

Topic Staff member
Consumer decision making in a retail context; household food waste Dr Erica van Herpen
Understanding consumers’ healthy food consumption: motivation, competences and the environment Dr Ellen van Kleef
Sustainable consumption Dr Ynte van Dam
Consumer response to new products and innovative technologies Dr Arnout Fischer
Multisensory perception, sensory marketing and consumer science methodologies Dr Betina Piqueras Fiszman
Online and IT-supported consumer food choice; Food labelling; Novel food Dr ir Ellen van Loo