Sustainable Market Innovation Hub

Education and teaching cases

Strategic Marketing for Market Transformation (MCB-33806) is our flagship course. Students learn the recent insights on sustainable market innovation through lectures, cases, guest lectures, and a marketspace game. The course is a compulsory part for students in the MSc. program Sustainable Business and Innovation.

In the same MSc. program we teach a module in the course Leading and Organizing for Sustainability (BMO-36306) on stakeholder marketing, using a company as a living business case for which students develop knowledge-based solutions, and we act as coach and trainer, fostering the development of sustainability leadership skills in the so called “Ribbon course” (YSS-38003).

In the elective course Inclusive Finance and Marketing in the Developing World (DEC-51806) we teach several topics on value chain development, base of the pyramid marketing, market integration and co-creation in a developing country/emerging market context.

Teaching cases

We developed several teaching cases. Contact us in case you are interested in supplementary materials like teaching notes.

Fair trade: How did Fair Trade make the step to the mainstream consumer market? What was its impact on the development of a certified sustainable coffee market?

Vegetarian Butcher: Pioneer in the market for meat analogues. On its way to become the biggest butcher in the world?

Oatly: How a small innovative company can be bold enough to compete with the largest dairy companies in the world to pave the road for plant-based dairy.

Sojagnon: How to develop value chains in rural Africa? Sojagnon made it its core business.

Hutten Catering: explored how a food service company can contribute to reducing food waste.

We developed several teaching cases, available open access.

We also contribute to management trainings and other forms of post-graduate education. Contact us to learn more.

Students can find our thesis topics on MCB thesis site here.