ORL-31806 Food Logistics Management

Profile of the course

Food Logistics Management (FLM) is about how organisations fulfil market demand by getting the right food product, in the right quantity and quality, at the right time and place, as efficient and sustainable as possible. It discusses issues and developments in logistics theory (such as buffering, inventory management, risk pooling) and combines it with developments in food quality management (such as quality monitoring and control, product quality prediction models) and information technology. Together it provides a firm basis for research on Quality Controlled Logistics (QCL), i.e. using information on the dynamic product quality behaviour to control goods flows in the supply chain in order to optimize product availability at retail outlets in an efficient and sustainable way. Students will learn how to analyse, model and design innovative and sustainable logistics systems for agrifood products. Next to that, a web-based simulation game, called The Fresh Connection, is used in the course to give students the opportunity to experience in a virtual business environment what the effects are of logistic decision making in a food supply chain.