PPS-30306 Quantitative Analysis Land Use Systems

Profile of the course

Problems associated with food security and depletion of natural resources and the need for economically viable and socially acceptable systems are important reasons for a redesign of land use systems at the level of farms and regions as well. The QUALUS course deals with the quantitative land evaluation and presents an overview of quantitative methods for regional and farm level land use analysis and design. The methods identify options for sustainable systems and land use and provide trade-off between objectives. To use these methods, you need to apply disciplinary knowledge about economy, soil, climate, animals and plants. Important aspects of the various methods treated are their aim, spatial and temporal scale and climate zone. One of the mathematical techniques for these model-based land use studies, i.e. (MG)LP is presented in more detail. The course is illustrated with different studies that have been carried out. All methods use a scenario approach. Attention will be given to involvement of stakeholders.