YSS-32806 Advanced Supply Chain Management

Profile of the course

Advanced Supply Chain Management (ASCM) is an advanced course in the field of Operations Research & Operations Management. The course is obligatory in the specialisation Business Studies of the MME program and part of the MFT program at Wageningen University. ASCM provides a theoretical basis for multi-disciplinary analysis and improvement of food supply chains and networks, focusing especially on supply chain modelling methods to support managerial decision making. Food and agribusiness supply chains are often globally interconnected systems with a large variety of complex relationships. This is also affecting the ways in which food is produced, processed and delivered to the market.
The course builds upon the quantitative modelling skills provided in ORL-20306 “Decision Science I” and qualitative concepts discussed in MST-24806 “Introduction to SCM”.

Continuation courses for ASCM are: BEC-30306 Advanced Agricultural Business Economics, INF-31306 Information Systems and ORL-30806 Operations Research and Logistics.