Courses of the Public Administration and Policy Group

Overview academic year 2022-2023:

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Period 1

  • Studying Public Governance: Key Concepts and Leading Authors, PAP20306, afternoon
  • Public Administration and Environmental Law, PAP20806, morning
  • European Union Institutions and Policies, PAP21806, afternoon
  • Policy, Governance and Law, PAP22306
  • Law and Political Power, SDC23306, afternoon
  • Grand Challenges for the Governance of Sustainability Transformations, YSS38206, morning
  • Perspectives on Sustainability Transitions in Agriculture, PAP10806, morning

Period 2:

  • Public Administration and Policy Making, PAP10306, morning
  • Global Institutions for Sustainable Development, PAP21306, afternoon  

Period 3:           

  • Governance and policy change, PAP30806, whole day
  • Politics, Policy Making and Accountability in International Arenas for Development, PAP31306, whole day
  • Advanced Comparative Public Governance for Sustainability Transformations, PAP32306, whole day

Period 5:

  • Designing Innovative Governance Arrangements, PAP30306, morning
  • The Politics of Healthy and Sustainable Food, PAP31806, morning
  • Research and Design for Inclusive Transformative Sustainability Governance, YSS38406, afternoon

Period 6:

  • Water Policy and Politics, PAP54302, afternoon

    Public Administration and Policy also contributes to the following courses:

    Period 1:

    Perspectives and Themes in International Development Studies, SDC36306, morning

    Economics and Governance of Energy Transitions, UEC31806, afternoon

    Analysing Discourse: Theories and Methods, CPT56306, morning

    Period 2:

    Theories on Politics and Governance, ENP30506, morning

    Food, Nutrition and Human Rights, LAW55306, morning

    Integrated Water Management, WSG33806, afternoon

    Period 3:

    Water Governance: Concepts and Practices, ENP37306, whole day

    Period 4:

    Science and Expertise in Nature and Environment, FNP32806, whole day

    Health Policy and Action, HSO30306, whole day

    Climate Change Adaptation in Water Management, WSG34806, whole day

    Transnational Environmental Law and Regulation, LAW39206, whole day

    Period 5:

    Environmental Quality and Governance, ENP35806, afternoon

    Environmental Quality and Governance, ENP35806, afternoon

    Politics of Development: State, Property and Resistance, SDC35806, afternoon

    Period 6:

    Analysis of a problem situation, YSS10906, afternoon