Collaboration - Research Methodology

  • Accare, University Centre Child and Youth Psychiatry, University of Groningen (drs. Luuk Kalverdijk, prof.dr. Ruud Minderaa)
    Project: Aspecific factors in medication in child and youth psychiatry
  • Science and Society Biology, University of Groningen (dr. Nicolien Wieringa, dr. Sjaak Swart
    Project: The impact of Science Theatre in the context of Functional Foods
  • MESS (An Advanced Multi-Disciplinary Facility for Measurement and Experimentation in the Social Sciences), CentERdata, Tilburg University
    Project: Developing and testing an electronic calendar instrument for standardized survey research
  • Gallup Research Center/University of Nebraska (Prof.dr. Robert F. Belli)
    Project: Using personal landmarks to enhance recall accuracy in survey interviews
  • The International Centre for Life Course Studies in Society and Health (ICLS), University College London and Imperial College London (Prof.dr. David Blane)
    Project: The contribution of Event History Calendars to life course studies