Research Methodology - Consultancy

The Research Methodology group (RME) offers consultancy both to WUR researchers and students and to external researchers working for companies or governmental organizations.

We provide tailor-made advice and support on each phase of the research process, concerning both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Our services include amongst others: support in questionnaire construction, guidance to the data collection process and advice and assistance in data analysis. Our consultancy tasks can also be structured as collaborative projects.

Some examples of consultancy or collaboration:

  • Providing advise on the research design and data collection methods for the evaluation of a reorganization of a service department
  • Scrutinizing a questionnaire on employee satisfaction for logical consistence and clear language
  • Advise on focus groups and questionnaire construction in a health study
  • Supporting PhD projects in the chairgroup Education and Competence Studies (WUR)
  • Advising on the data collection of a research project on the "Effectiveness of environmental education" (ENP)
  • Collaboration on "Task perception of General Practitioners with regard to promotion of health foods and exercise" (with Prof.dr. Gert-Jan Hiddink, chairgroup CIS).
  • Collaboration on "Pollen allergy and medication" (with Dr. Arnold van Vliet, chairgroup ESA, WUR)

The Wageningen UR uses standard rates for its services, which can be found here.