MSc Thesis Research Methodology

The Research Methodology group (RME) can supervise MSc students who choose for a methods oriented thesis. These students either have research methodology as their main focus and subject of their thesis or want assistance of RME because research methodology is an important issue in their thesis.

Current MSc projects in Research Methodology

The Research Methodogy Research is, together with Biometris, currently looking for MSc students who are interested in the following MSc thesis research projects.

  • Monitoring children with ADHD medication: properties of the questionnaire
  • Intercultural Development of the Social Representations Scale of New Foods
  • Development of a social identification scale in a food context
  • Rankings and ratings: the case of Green Cities

Research Methodology as subject

It is possible to graduate in research methodology when you are doing research that is directed to examining existing methodology and/or developing new methods and procedures for scientific research, with an accent on data collection, measurement problems, evaluation research and design oriented research.

Assistance in Research Methodology

Students who plan to do a MSc thesis research in which research methodology might become an important issue, may get assistance from a staff member of RME. A member of RME can supervise the student together with a staff member from the group where the student wants to graduate.