Research of the Research Methodology Group

The research focus of RME, and one of the core determinants of successful collaboration, is “Methodology of interdisciplinary and intercultural research”.

Research at Wageningen UR often requires study of both human and natural objects, and their interactions. Such research is interdisciplinary if not multidisciplinary. Academic disciplines make different assumptions regarding what can be known. Combining products from social and natural sciences; therefore, requires specialised methodological assessment. Further, much of the research done at Wageningen UR is cross or multi-cultural. In cross-cultural research scientists require instruments that are sensitive to real differences. As Wageningen University boasts both diverse students and an impressive foreign research portfolio, RME has a wide range of opportunities for studies on cross-cultural measurement, instrument construction, and measurement assessment.

Research requires the construction and maintenance of valid and reliable data collection instruments. As Wageningen UR is a leading research institution, instrument construction is closely related to substantive research at Wageningen UR. RME contributes to on-going research on increasing quality of data collection instruments and frequently enhances the quality of research done at Wageningen UR.

Measurement assessment is the critical evaluation of measurement strategies. This includes data sources, data collection instruments, and data analysis methods. Measurement assessment, in particular, offers opportunities for theoretically oriented research. Examples of this are a study on indices for agreement that resulted in a typology with consequences for the design of Delphi studies, a systematic review of measures of local vulnerability to climate change, and fundamental aspects of measurement in interdisciplinary research.