Agrarian change

Our research on agrarian change and agriculture examines the problems of mainstream agrarian development as a top-down, science-driven process in the North and as modernization approaches in development interventions in the South. Contrary to these homogenizing approaches, our research focus on agrarian change investigates the dynamics of agriculture by looking at its many forms of power, inequality, and unevenness, as well as its incredibly interesting, rich, and meaningful diversity. We see multiple agrarian futures supported by a complex amalgam of different practices and drivers. This field of study includes but is not limited to the following: the (gendered) organization of work and labor; interactions with nature; the social shaping of technology and knowledge construction; land rights and land struggles; the role of markets and power in markets; and questions of dependency and autonomy. Through researching the multiplicity of agrarian futures – including related power relationships, visions and practices, and evolving strategies for getting there – we aim to show that alternative, more socially just, and sustainable agrarian transitions are possible and, moreover, already in the making.