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Book "Unfolding webs: The dynamics of regional rural development"

Chapter 1:  Towards a framework for understanding regional rural development
Chapter 2:  Sustainability and rural development
Chapter 3:  The endogeneity of rural economies
Chapter 4:  The dynamics of novelty production
Chapter 5:  Social capital
Chapter 6:  New institutional frameworks in rural development
Chapter 7:  The governance of markets
Chapter 8:  The rural web: A synthesis
Chapter 9:  Testing the web: A comparative analysis
Chapter 10:  The impact of policy arrangements
Chapter 11:  Some final reflections on rural social and spatial theory

Other deliverables

Information flyer
D.2.2:  Towards a new theoretical framework for understanding regional rural development
D.3.2:  Loading the conceptual framework: Quick scan of cases
D.4.4:  Report A (Case study selection)
D.4.4:  Report B (Understanding rural development dynamics)
D.4.4:  Report C (Comparison of rural development situations)
D.5.1:  Comparative analysis of case studies
D.6.1:  Policy recommendations
D.7.2:  Dissemination activities
D.7.4:  Report first European expert forum, Frankfurt
D.7.5:  Report second European expert forum, Rome
D.7.8:  Final Plan for using and disseminating knowledge

Case study reports

Devon (UK)
Shetland (UK)
Giessener Land (DE)
Odenwald (DE)
Kittilä (Fin)
Tyrnävä (Fin)
High Tiber Valley (It)
Lunigiana (It)
Abava (Lat)
Smiltene (Lat)
Laag Holland (NL)
Rivierengebied (NL)