We welcome Noelia Parajuá · Visiting fellow at RSO@CSPS

Published on
May 12, 2022

I’m a PhD student from the University of Barcelona and I am currently at the Rural Sociology Group (RSO) as a research visitor. My research focuses on the transformations of the agri-food system in Spain in the last decades (1980 onwards). Granted that our current food system has become increasingly unsustainable and unfair, I aim at shedding some light on the underlying dynamics and drivers of this path. I adopt a critical and multidisciplinary approach that combines insight from Rural History, Economics and Political Economy.

Up to now, I looked at the transformations of agriculture, stockbreeding, forestry and fishing (ASFF), food industry and food services in terms of value added, labour, their integration in international trade and their engagement with other economic activities. I used data from the input-output framework of the National System of Accounts of Spain.

Now, I am working in food regimes theory with the idea of using this approach to examine the Spanish agri-food system transformations, and thus provide an insight from the Political Economy to my research.

I am at the RSO until de end of June. Do not hesitate to contact me if interested in this topic! You can also follow me on Twitter @noeliaparajua!