SDC Bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis is the final part of the bachelor programme. This page contains the information needed to plan and start your bachelor thesis at SDC.

Thesis topic

A thesis topic must have a link with the expertise and themes of SDC. These topics focus on the structures and practices of development and change with a particular scientific interest in inequality, marginalization and political agency. We supervise theses on development studies, political ecology, anthropology of law and crisis and disaster studies. These themes are further explained on our website.


SDC works with a thesis brochure in which you can find all the different topics that SDC can supervise. From this brochure, BIN students choose a topic and then books an intake with the thesis coordination. In the intake, we will discuss the procedures and assign a supervisor. The brochure is sent to the BIN students in February. Intakes can be booked by sending an email to


Before the start of the thesis, students read the course guide carefully. SDC has also developed a guideline document for writing a thesis with SDC. This document can be downloaded here.