Our mission

We aim to scientifically contribute to sustainable as well as profitable business performance, together with stakeholders, in national and international agrifood value chains.

Today’s pressing societal, ecological and human development challenges require solutions. Agrifood companies and organisations play an important role in feeding a growing world population in a way that is both sustainable and resilient. Current and future challenges have to be solved to accomplish this. To do this, we analyse value chains in agrifood business and share our insights with stakeholders in agrifood business and society.

In Wageningen, we work to provide solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Providing students with top class education is an integral part of this. By educating the bright minds of tomorrow, we contribute to a future food system that is sustainable and resilient.

We have two strategic investment programmes. Funded by the department of Social Sciences, four postdocs do research around the theme of digitalisation. The programme is led, among others, by chair holder Hans van Trijp. In our second programme, five section-PhD's do research around the theme of sustainability. Each PhD is supervised by two chair groups from our section. The aim of these investments is to catalyze the process of bringing our research activities together around our key themes of digitalisation, sustainability and health.

Section Business Science is comprised of five chair groups. The people of Business Economics, Business Management & Organisation, Information Technology, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Operations Research and Logistics are the star players of the section. Together, our expertise goes from seed to shopping cart and even beyond to food waste and reverse logistics. We combine our expertise in joint interdisciplinary output. In the coming years, we aim for
trans-disciplinary theories & methods of research.