Meet our team

The Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance (WCSG) was installed in 2017 as a collaboration between four Chair groups: Environmental Policy (ENP), Public Administration and Policy (PAP), Forest and Nature Conservation Policy (FNP), and Law (LAW). As of 2022 we are happy to announce the addition of a fifth Chair group, Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles (CHL), to the WCSG team.

At the WCSG, we are strongly transdisciplinary in our knowledge creation and mobilisation – both in terms of the design of our research projects and representation across national and international science and advisory bodies.

What brings us together?

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Our Mission

The mission of the WCSG is to further social scientific knowledge on the challenges and solutions to governing societies around the world to achieve inclusive sustainable outcomes in the WUR domains of food, nature, and health.

To achieve this mission the five Chair groups collectively bring a cutting-edge theoretical programme together which combines sociology, political science, legal studies and public administration to theorise on transformative modes of governance to address global sustainability challenges.

WCSG participating Chair groups

Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles

Advance conceptual understanding of healthy and sustainable consumption and lifestyles, and exploiting these theoretical notions for the design, evaluation and implementation of novel interventions to enable healthy and sustainable consumption patterns and lifestyles.


Environmental Policy

Political and sociological perspectives for understanding the incorporation of environmental transformations into processes of modernisation and globalisation.

Forest and Nature Conservation Policy

Understanding interactions among people, forests and nature as a set of context-specific practices that shape and are shaped by policies, ideas and knowledge



Legal approach for analysing law and regulation in the life science domains, sustainable food supply chains (food, trade, business and environmental law).

Public Administration and Policy

Public administration, political and organisational science perspectives for analysing the practices of actors embedded in governance institutions, and how these generate new arrangements to solve 'wicked problems'.