Completed projects

Completed Research projects

Completed PhD projects

  • Trust and interactions in mixed groups
    PhD Lise van Oortmessen
  • Health communication towards low-income groups
    PhD Bob Mulder, supervisor Cees van Woerkum
  • Towards company risk governance, dealing with ambiguous issues, mutiple actors and uncertainties of Nanotechnology
    PhD Anja Dijkman, supervisor Cees van Woerkum
  • From evidence-based to practice-based; (cost) effectiveness of SLIM diabetes prevention intervention in a real-life settingPhD Geerke Duijzer, supervisor Gert Jan Hiddink
  • Powerpoint presentations; it’s uses and effectsPhD Brigitte Hertz, supervisor Hedwig te Molder
  • Variation and changeability of dietary patterns; a prerequisite for public health interventionsPhD Eveline Hooft van Huysduynen, supervisor Gert Jan Hiddink
  • Ethics of the health card for food choicePhD Rixt Komduur, supervisor Hedwig te Molder
  • Framing scales and scaling frames. The consequences of different scale frames on the governance of wicked problemsPhD Maartje van Lieshout, supervisor Noelle Aarts
  • Participatory practices of water management boards Pieter Lems, supervisor Cees van Woerkum
  • Interactions in plant genomics researchPhD Karen Mogendorff, supervisor Hedwig te Molder and Cees van Woerkum
  • Voedingsadvisering huisartsenPostdoc Sonja van Dillen, supervisor Gert Jan Hiddink
  • Expert-Leek interactie Voeding & TechnologiePostdoc Petra Sneijder, supervisor Hedwig te Molder
  • An effective HIV-adherance intervention; culturally sensitive and cost-effectiveEdwin Oberjé, supervisor Marijn de Bruin
  • AstrolabPostdoc Alex Dima, supervisor Marijn de Bruin
  • Interdisciplinary approach to human-farm animalPhD Hanneke Nijland, supervisor Noelle Aarts and Cees van Woerkum

COM in partnership with KTI

  • Storytelling for organizational change
    PhD Suzanne Tesselaar, supervisor Noelle Aarts and Cees Leeuwis