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Past activities

Presentations held in 2016
Date Presenter Title
6 October Linde Götz (IAMO, Germany) How well is the Russian Wheat Market Functioning? A Comparison with the Corn Market in the USA
29 September Anouschka Groeneveld (AEP, WUR) Uptake of on-farm processing of organic waste
22 September Koos Gardebroek (AEP, WUR) Analyzing production shocks in global wheat markets using GVAR models
15 September Fatima Lambarraa (École Nationale d'Agriculture de Meknès, Morocco) Dynamic technical inefficiency and investment decision: An empirical analysis for Spanish olive sector
8 September Arega Alene (IITA, Malawi) Ex-ante impact evaluation of soybean production technologies in Africa
1 September Paul Hofman (DEC, WUR) Social Networks and Technology Diffusion in the Congo
23 June Marleen Onwezen (LEI, WUR) Foodprofiler
20 June Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale School of Management) General Equilibrium Effects of Rural-Urban Migration
16 June Rico Ihle (AEP, WUR) The Effects of Civil War on Fresh Food Markets in Palestine
13 June Samuel Weldeegzie (Australian National University) Growing-up unfortunate: War and Childhood Human Capital in Ethiopia
2 June Andries Richter (ENR, WUR) Reciprocal citizen - Cuts in public spending reduce voluntary contributions in a field experiment
19 May Krisztina Kis-Katos (Universität Freiburg) Education attainment in the neighborhood of conflicts: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa using georeferenced data
28 April Koen Leuveld (DEC, WUR) The role of local chiefs in development aid in Eastern Congo
14 April Hans-Peter Weikard (ENR, WUR) Join, support or free-ride: coalition formation in a public goods game
7 April Alfons Oude-Lansink (BE, WUR) Measuring Dynamic Eco-efficiency under the By-Production of Undesirable Output
31 March Zuzana Smeets-Kristkova (LEI, WUR) Agricultural R&D investments, food security and biofuel policy – a CGE approach
24 March Servaas van der Berg (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) Education and Income Distribution in South Africa
17 March Jacobus de Hoop (Unicef) Economic empowerment and children’s time use
10 March Maarten Punt (University of Southern Denmark) Noise Signals Value: Trading off marine mammals and seismic survey information
3 March Shenggen Fan (DG IFPRI) A new global food system for multiple wins: Demystifying conventional beliefs
3 March Aisha Nanyiti (DEC, WUR) Tied Labour, Savings and Rural Labour Market Wages: Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment
25 February Jan Falkowski (University of Warsaw) Rural Politics and Structural Change: Some Evidence from Poland
18 February Jeroen Klomp (ENR/DEC, WUR) Political cycles in public natural disaster support: A cross-country analysis
11 February Jan Rouwendal (VU Amsterdam) Border Effects in House Prices
4 February Erwin Bulte (DEC, WUR) The Impacts of Subsidizing New Products on Uptake, Learning, and Diffusion: Experimental Evidence from Rural Cameroon
28 January Oriana Gava (University of Pisa) Spatial impacts and sustainability of farm biogas diffusion in Italy
21 January Qianqian Shao (AEP, WUR) A Political Economy Model of a GMO Trade Agreement
14 January Thomas Venus (AEP, WUR) The Costs of Coexistence Measures for Genetically Modified Maize in Germany
Presentations held in 2014
Date Presenter Title
11 December Thomas van der Pol (ENR, Wageningen University) A dynamic minimax regret analysis of flood management strategies under climate change uncertainty with emerging information on peak flows
3 December Peter van der Windt (DEC, Wageningen University) How Development Interventions Make the Poor 'Poorer': Evidence from Two Experiments in the Congo
27 November Michiel Gerritse (RU Groningen) Does trade cause long-run development? Theory and evidence from countries behind the Suez channel
20 November Francesco Cecchi (DEC, Wageningen University) Statutory Law and Customary Change: a Lab-in-Field Experiment in Ethiopia
13 November Niccolo Meriggi (DEC, Wageningen University) Dissecting Trust: Evidence From a Field Experiment in Rural Cameroon
6 November Tatiana Filatova (University Twente) Changing climate – changing behavior: integrating adaptive economic dynamics in coupled socio-environmental systems
30 October Maria Alexandra Nichifor Risk Mitigation Models in Renewable Energies – Solar vs. Wind
16 October Esther Boere The Impact of Whole Farm Income Insurance on Land Use Decisions: Modelling Risk Management for Dutch Arable Farmers
9 October Silke Gabbert The economics of regulating hazardous chemicals in Europe: Why (and how) persistence matters
2 October Dušan Drabik Biofuels and Vertical Price Transmission: The Case of the U.S. Corn, Ethanol, and Food Markets
18 September Elissaios Papyrakis (UEA) Income Inequality and the Resource Curse
10 September Michael Grimm Does Electrification Spur the Fertility Transition? Evidence from Indonesia
4 September Jikun Huang China’s Food Security and Policy
26 August Bernadette Wanjala (CentER Graduate School, Tilburg) Is diversification the panacea to enhancing household income and reducing poverty among Smallholder farmers? The Case of Sauri Millennium Village in Kenya
10 July Malte Lierl (Yale) Do social incentives encourage free riding? Experimental evidence from 48 villages in Tanzania
26 June Alexander Moradi (Sussex) History, Path Dependence and Development: Evidence from Colonial Railroads, Settlers and Cities in Kenya
19 June Pierre van Mouche (Economics of Consumers and Households, WUR) The Hotelling bi-matrix game
5 June Jan Stoop (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) Return to Sender: Ethical Behaviour, Social Class, and Envelopes
12 June Janneke Pieters (Development Economics, WUR) The gendered labor market impacts of trade liberalization: evidence from Brazil
22 May Shumin Yu (Environmental Economics, WUR) International Carbon Trade with Endogenous Permits and Cooperation for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
15 May Harry de Gorter (Cornell University) Biofuel Policies and Food Commodity Price Volatility
8 May Bernd Süßmuth (University of Leipzig) Crop Rotation and Complex Dynamics in Interacting Cobweb Markets
1 May Marcel Timmer (University of Groningen) Slicing Up Global Value Chains
17 April Maarten Punt (TU München) The formation of GMO-free and GMO-only Coasean clubs
24 April Francesco Cecchi (Development Economics, WUR) Does Prenatal Trauma Reduce Cooperation? Evidence from a Public Goods Experiment in Post-conflict Uganda
10 April Marcel Gatto (University Göttingen) Oil Palm Boom and Village Development: Impact and Inclusiveness of Contractual Arrangements
3 April Erwin Bulte (Development Economics, WUR) Chief for a Day: Who Should Be Stewarding Development Dollars? Evidence from a Field Experiment
25 March Srikantha Murthy (University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, India) Backward Bending Labour Supply Curve Faced by Farmers in India
27 March Dominic Hauck (IVM Amsterdam) When green consumerism is fashionable
13 March Elisabetta De Cao (University of Groningen) Sensitive survey questions: Measuring attitudes regarding female circumcision through a list experiment
6 March Thomas van de Pol (Environmental Economics and Natural Resources group, WUR) Impacts of Rainfall Variability and Expected Rainfall Changes on the Cost-Effective Adaptation of Water Systems to Climate Change
27 February James Fenske (University of Oxford) Conflict and the formation of political beliefs in Africa
20 February Christos Kolympiris (Management Studies, WUR) The Diminishing Signaling Value of Patents between Early Rounds of Venture Capital Financing
23 January Liesbeth Dries (Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group, WUR) Power, buyer trustworthiness and supplier performance: evidence from the Armenian dairy sector
16 January Jianying Qiu (Radboud University Nijmegen) Reference Dependence and Aversion to Losses in Probability: Theory and Experiment of Ambiguity Attitudes
9 January Adam N. Walker (Environmental and Resource Economics, WUR) Endogenous Risk of Stock Collapse and the Great Fish Pact
30 January Andries Richter (Environmental Economics and Natural Resources group, WUR) Saving the planet by being a hypocrite – Moral reasoning in the commons