WUR - Physical Sciences

Wageningen University & Research Physical Sciences (WUR-PS) is a cooperation between the physics-related research groups of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). We focus on physical research with an impact on a wide variety of more applied fields.

Physics research at WU takes place at various chair groups. There is a very strong effort in soft matter physics, with three chair groups that are active in this area, both in fundamental and more applied aspects: Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter (PCC), Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods (FPH) and Biophysics (BIP). WU physics has also a strong focus on spectroscopy and biophysical imaging methods, in particular in the chair groups Biophysics (BIP) and Bionanotechnology (BNT). Further physics research takes place in the department of Meteorology and Air Quality (MAQ) together with atmospheric chemistry research. The department aims to contribute to the further understanding of atmospheric processes and their relevance for weather, air quality and climate. Soil physics research takes place in the chair group Soil Physics and Land Management (SLM) and addresses soil physical and hydrological processes at different temporal and spatial scales, and their central role in sustainable land and water management. Specific attention is given to flow and transport processes of water and solutes. A significant physics component is also present in the research of the experimental zoology group, which combines physics, engineering, molecular techniques and modelling in a quantitative systems analysis to solve fundamental problems in biology.