Smart Colour Inspector - agri food colour measurement instrument

Smart Colour Inspector is a precision instrument to objectively measure and analyse the colour of agri- and food products in all parts of the production chain from harvest to retail.

The availability of a skilled workforce for quality inspection in agri- and food industry is decreasing rapidly. Because of that there’s a growing need to automate tasks such as colour assessment of fruit, vegetables and processed food for sorting purposes or to classify batches. Extra benefits that come within reach by automation are also that the work can be done faster, more objectively, more precise and 24/7 if necessary.

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The Smart Colour Inspector can help multiple stakeholders in the agri- and food production chain like growers, traders, packers, transporters, to objectively assess the quality of their products as far as colour is concerned. It saves time and is available 24/7. The Smart Colour Inspector has a comfortable large inner-space with standardised light conditions. Because of the spacious design it can handle the complete view of a whole crate of product at a time, a big advantage compared to the different hand-held ‘spot meters’ on the market. The Smart Colour Inspector is equipped with a top-view and/or side-view camera of choice, combined with a powerful software package to capture images, measure and learn colours in an objective way. The software has multiple analysis possibilities (detect colour distribution, detect spots on products, etc.). Results can be exported in different well-known formats as Excel.

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