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Professional Education

Besides student education, Wageningen Circular Fashion Lab® develops several opportunities to educate industry professionals and those interested, that want to transition towards circular fashion. Take a look at our courses and seminars below, do not hesitate to inform us if your organization has different needs with regards to circular fashion training.

Professional learning circular textiles & fashion

(Online) Education

Online Education - Circular Fashion Lab

Summer School Biobased Materials for Future-Proof Textiles

This course aims at professionals in the textile sector who are looking to learn more about biobased materials and how they could integrate them into their daily practice to create systemic change.

Free online course

In collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts, Circular Fashion Lab® has developed a free online course on circular fashion. It launched January 2020 and within six months already, over 10.000 learners worldwide have taken part in our course. Do you want to learn more about circular fashion and what areas we’re working on to improve this industry? Click below and join an online educational journey with us!

Seminars and events

Seminars - Circular Fashion Lab


Circular Fashion Lab is dedicated to disseminating our insights in textiles and fashion, with the professional community of designers, brands and others involved with textiles and/or fashion. In order to share our insights, we’re developing interactive seminars together with our researchers and teachers at Wageningen. Here you’ll find upcoming events. Due to COVID-19 we’re currently not hosting any seminars or events, but we’re hoping to be back soon with an inspiring program.

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