Environmental simulation tool

The environmental simulation tool has been developed by a group of the IRTA, Barcelona, led by Dr Asumpció Anton. The aim of this tool is to provide support in calculating the environmental impacts of a protected horticultural production system. The simulation tool can be helpful to growers and advisors to simulate a greenhouse production system and select different options to evaluate the efficient use of inputs.

Environmental assessment in this web tool is conducted following a simplified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).Three different scenarios are distinguished by means of a reference situation. The reference situation is a representative greenhouse production system for each scenario under different European climate conditions analysed in EUPHOROS project:

  • Multi-tunnel greenhouse with tomato production in Southern Europe climate conditions
  • Venlo glasshouse with tomato production in Central Europe climate conditions
  • Venlo greenhouse structure with rose production in Central Europe climate conditions

Additionally, the tool can be useful for other type of crops, such as vegetable crops with similar agronomic techniques. In this case, users shall use their own values taking into account that default values and reference results are for tomato crop. In order to use the tool correctly, users are advised to read carefully the instruction page of the worksheet they are using.

The tool is offered in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Hungarian.

Download the tool in your preferred language