Lake Victoria


Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake and supports the largest freshwater commercial fishery in the world. Eutrophication and fisheries drive Lake Victoria’s changing ecosystem with far-reaching consequences for exploitation patterns, livelihoods and trade.

Catch development Lake Victoria
Map of Lake Victoria

The changes in Lake Victoria’s food web are driven both by top-down (e.g. fishing influenced by trade and management) and by bottom-up processes (e.g. eutrophication). Both processes structure the food web and thus the resource base of the fishery. Yet no attempt has been made to link them to understand feedbacks in food webs, resource use patterns and trade.

Scenarios to assess management under non-steady state conditions will be developed in collaboration with international scientific experts and with regional and national government and research institutions. A networking NGO will be instrumental in communicating results to fishing communities and the general audience.