Catalyzing food system transformation at country level

The overall objective of this cross-cutting Research Topic is to identify, co-design, and support context-specific pathways for food system transformation toward sustainable healthy diets.

This Research Topic forms the core of SHiFT, ensuring stakeholder engagement and capacity building throughout the Initiative through the co-generation and use of insights on potential innovations (from Consumers and their food environments (FE), MSMEs and the informal sector), and other relevant projects and programs); understanding the barriers to change and power relationships among relevant stakeholders (Governance and political economy of food system transformation); and the identification and negotiation of potential trade-offs and synergies in food systems transformation (Trade-off scenario analysis).

This Research Topic will engage with key stakeholders to ensure alignment with national priorities in order to achieve endorsement, co-design, and consensus creation and to contribute to scaling. In the first three years (2022–2024), this Research Topic will be fully implemented in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, continuing and strengthening existing stakeholder engagement developed under A4NH.

Key publications