Participating organisations SWEEP

The SWEEP project (Sustainable weed control on pavements) is an initiative of Waterboard Hollandse Delta, VEWIN and Monsanto in cooperation with Plant Research International, Alterra, municipalities and stakeholders in municipal weed management. Below, the organisations briefly explain why they participate.

Water Board Hollandse Delta 

Hollandse Delta is responsible for healthy water as part of a liveable environment in southern South Holland. This means that WHD considers guarding and whenever necessary improving surface water quality as one of its tasks. Herbicides have a negative effect on surface water quality. This is why WHD is participating in this study into the best achievable reduction of such products in the future.


VEWIN, the Association of Dutch Water Companies, represents the Dutch drinking water sector. Pesticides and their metabolites are increasingly found in surface water and groundwater used for drinking water production. The use of herbicides on pavements makes a significant contribution to the pollution of surface water. VEWIN supports the project because its policy is aimed at the protection of drinking water sources.

Monsanto Europe N.V.

Monsanto is producer of the most frequently used herbicide on pavements. Monsanto supports the project because the company wishes to stimulate the careful use of the product in such a way that runoff to surface water is negligible.

Plant Research International

The mission of the research institute Plant Research International is to contribute to sustainability from its wide knowledge about plants and crops. Sustainable weed control methods come under this mission. In this project Plant Research International wishes to deploy its knowledge for developing a cost-effective and publicly acceptable form of weed control on pavements.


Alterra is het kennisinstituut voor de groene leefomgeving. Alterra onderzoekt de ontwikkeling en het beheer van de groene ruimte en het duurzaam maatschappelijk gebruik ervan op het gebied van water, natuur, bos, milieu, bodem, landschap, klimaat en recreatie. Daarbij gaat het onder andere om het gedrag van bestrijdingsmiddelen in het milieu. In dit project wil Alterra bijdragen aan het terugdringen van de afspoeling van onkruidbestrijdingsmiddelen vanaf verhardingen naar het oppervlaktewater.