Sweep Shortlists

Binnen het DOB systeem kunnen mechanische, thermische, chemische en biologische onkruidbestrijdingmethoden ingezet worden op verhardingen mits wettelijk toegestaan, aantoonbaar effectief en milieuverantwoord.

Shortlist 0 gives information on which area controllers and policy-making officials can base a multi-year weed management plan. Such a plan gives the ambition level of the organisation as regards prevention, control, organisation, communication etc.

Shortlist 1 contains practical guidelines for planners to prepare an annual weed control plan; choices are made as regards where, when and how often which control method will be used. The relationship with brushing is also dealt with.

Shortlist 2 contains practical guidelines for those who apply chemical pesticides where this is permitted under the SWEEP guidelines in Shortlist 1. This concerns aspects such as the equipment and products that are used, application method and dose, under which conditions spraying is permitted etc.