The Radix Serre greenhouse complex comprises greenhouse compartments of different size and technical facilities. Besides well-equipped conventional greenhouses there are climatised greenhouses and greenhouses for experiments with special plant material such as genetically modified organisms, quarantine organisms and plant pathogens (viruses, fungi, nematodes and insects).

Radix Serre has 9 000 m2 glass and comprises over 100 compartments, ranging from 16 to 144 m2. The compartments up to 64 m2 are closed, whereas larger compartments have vent windows. The vent windows are fitted with insect screens.

Nergena has 4 300 m2 glass and comprises 20 compartments, ranging from 19 to 384 m2.

Different cultivation systems are possible at both locations such as:

  • substrate troughs
  • cultivation tables, with or without ebb & flood
  • soil
Red roses in greenhouse

The following cultivation factors can be controlled accurately, in combination or separately:

  • lighting
  • temperature
  • day length
  • screening
  • relative humidity
  • CO2 dosing

Several compartments have a high containment level (up to PKM-III) where safe research can be carried out with genetically modified organisms and plant pathogens.